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Major Benefits Of This Goal Setting Tool
What Do You Get For $4 Per Month?
Charter members of the QC have commented that we could charge a lot more than $4 a month for this highly valuble tool. While that is true, the QC is designed to have high-positive-impact on your life, but low-impact on your pocketbook. You get 5 POWERFUL features of the QC when you subscribe.
Personal Dashboard - easy-to-view snapshot of your goals and progress
Status Monitoring - real-time updates on goals using our unique "Pace Bars"
FREE Partner Access - someone you choose to monitor your progress & push you toward your goals
Detailed Instructions  - explicit step-by-step instructions take you from setup to advanced use
NEW - Weight Management - powerful tool to monitor your daily weight and see progress

Once you subscribe and login, you'll have control over:
My Goals - monitor daily goals, track progress with color-coded Pace Bars
Modify Goals - add/change/prioritize your goals, change your target
My History - see the progress you've made in previous quarters
My Account - change your picture, password, add partner or coach
My Partners - view your partner's info, and progress if a QC member
Instructions - get help & step-by-step instructions for using the QC
Suggestions - volumes of examples of highly-effective goals and targets