Frequently Asked Questions...
Why Should I Believe You?
I suppose you have no reason to believe me other than my word as a gentleman that accountability works. If you have interest in truly accomplishing your goals, and seeing your results daily, then you will want to become a QC member. If you do not believe me, then you can close your browser now and just not worry about it.

What Is The Quarterly Compass?
The Quarterly Compass is a time-expanding tool. I originally designed it to hold myself accountable for all the promises and goals I had in my own life. In 1997, I noticed that every success author was encourging me to set goals and to follow through on them. However, NO ONE was offering a tool to help me "follow through". In 1998, I designed a tool that would track progress. The QC evolved from a piece of paper, to a spreadsheet, to the current online version. Take The QC Test Drive

Who In The World Are You?

Patrick Wilkinson from Virginia
I'm just an ordinary person who has been able to accomplish extraordinary things by by having faith in God, applying the principles of the QC (Real Accountability) and being broken down to zero again and again in every major area of life. I've been learning, successfully applying, and teaching these principles for over 20 years. If you would like to read more about how things turned out this way, please take some time to read "Value In The QC", which tells how accountability has changed my life. I encourage you to become a QC member and find out what true accountability, seeing your progress, and having an accountability partner, can do in your life.
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What If I Have A Lot More Questions Once I Join?

    We have created step-by-step instructions online...
    Once you join as a QC member and enter your initial registration information you will receive e-mail instructions on logging in for the first time. After login, you'll be taken through the goals set-up process. You will learn how to set up goals, create your target for the quarter, we even give you hints, ideas, and sample goals to get you focused on great goals to set. But, this is about you customizing your goals to the exact things you need to work on in your life. You can enter any goal you wish on the QC in any area of life. Once you set your goals, you are taken to the page where you monitor your goals and enter what you've accomplished each day. The QC automatically updates your progress in real-time.
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More Frequently Asked Questions...
Is My Credit Card Information Safe?
Yes. The third-party payment company that we use (PayPal) is a secure site that will allow you to pay securely on-line without worrying that your credit card information will be shared with anyone. PayPal protects your financial information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems. Once your payment is complete, you will be emailed a receipt for the transaction. When you subscribe to The Quarterly Compass it will show up on your credit card bill as GetQC.

What Exactly Do I Get For $4 Per Month?
The QC is designed to have high-positive-impact on your life, but low-impact on your pocketbook. Subscribe with a $20 initiation fee, then $4 per month (cancel anytime), and get 5 POWERFUL features.
1) Personal Dashboard - easy-to-view snapshot of your goals and progress
2) Status Monitoring - real-time updates on goals using our unique "Pace Bars"
3) FREE Partner Access - someone you choose to monitor your progress & push you toward your goals
4) Detailed Instructions - specific suggestions and instructions will take you from setup to advanced use
5) NEW - Weight Management - powerful tool to monitor your daily weight and see progress

What If I Am A Coach?
We have great news for Coaches! If you are a Coach (Life, Sports, Business, etc.) you can have an unlimited number of people (clients, team members, etc.) whom you hold accountable. Your QC account comes with a "Partners" function that allows you to link to and monitor the progress of as many QC members as you like. Monitoring the progress of your clients or team members, and holding them accountable for the goals they have set, will take each of them to the next level in every area of life.