Here's The Heart Of This Powerful Tool!
Once you login, you'll have control of your own dashboard, including:
My Goals - monitor daily goals, track progress with color-coded Pace Bars
Modify Goals - add/change/prioritize your goals, change your target
My History - see the progress you've made in previous quarters
My Account - change your picture, password, add partner or coach
My Partners - view your partner's info, and progress if a QC member
Instructions - get help & step-by-step instructions for using the QC
Suggestions - volumes of examples of highly-effective goals and targets
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Why Do I Need Accountability?

Every subscription comes with a FREE Partner Account. Watch this video to learn about why you need accountability.

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Pace Bars....
Color-coded "Pace Bars" show your real-time goals progress...

In the GREEN? You are exceeding your goal!

In the YELLOW? You're within 10% of accomplishing your goal!

In the RED? You need to step it up!

Learn more about color-coded QC Pace Bars by clicking below:

How does this thing work?

Set Goals & Watch Your Own Progress...
How many times have you heard "Set goals!"? Everyone talks about setting goals, but very few people actually write them down, let alone follow through on accomplishing them. The Quarterly Compass allows you to easily do both, and more. This online tool allows you to enter your specific goals (as many as you like), set a target number to hit within a 90-day period (a quarter) then track your progress in real time. You'll also see the QC's unique color-coded Pace Bars showing two things: 1) the percentage you have completed toward your goals, and 2) a graphic color-coded "thermometer" of your pace in relation to the time that has elapsed in the quarter.

Accountability: Someone Else Watching Your Progress...
How many times have you heard "You need to be held accountable to complete your goals!"? Every QC membership includes a FREE Partner Account that allows password-protected access to your QC. You can choose whomever you wish to watch your progress online. Your partner can log in, view your progress, and make comments about how you are doing right from the QC Goals page. This is TRUE Accountability!

Why "Quarterly"?
Setting a long-term goal that is a year out into the future seems unattainable, and setting a goal that is only a week or a month out, doesn't allow you much time to get traction before time runs out. We chose a three month period (a quarter) because it is enough time to get something accomplished, while not so much time that the burning desire to complete it fizzles. It is a truly efficient amount of time in which to track progress. Take The QC Test Drive