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We've made it easy to belong... Subscribing to the QC can be done simply and quickly, costs only $4 a month (cancel anytime) with a one-time $10 initiation fee (Special HALF-OFF normal initiation fee).

What Do I Get With A Subscription To The QC?

You get 5 POWERFUL features of the QC when you subscribe. 1) Personal Dashboard - easy-to-view snapshot of your goals and progress, 2) Status Monitoring - real-time updates on goals progress using our unique "Pace Bars", 3) FREE Partner Access - a friend or coach you choose to monitor your progress, and push you using "Comment Tabs", 4) Detailed Instructions - video demos take you from set up to advanced use, 5) NEW - Weight Management - powerful tool to monitor daily weight and see progress. 
Who Can Be My Partner?
Your accountability partner can be anyone you choose. You can choose to partner with one of your friends. You can even use your own personal, business, or sports coach. If you currently have one, please let your coach in on the "secret" of The Quarterly Compass®.
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How To....
Here's how you subscribe to The Quarterly Compass®.

Step 1: Click on the Subscribe button Step 2: You're then taken to our secure 3rd party merchant provider "PayPal" where you can use a credit card to subscribe
Step 3: You will be returned to this QC website to enter your e-mail address and other registration info.
Step 4: Check your e-mail for your username and password.
Step 5: Log In and begin setting up your goals. It is that simple!
$10 initiation fee (Special HALF-OFF normal initiation fee).

What Are The "7 Major Areas Of Life"?

Watch this short video....
        Read "7 Major Areas of Life"
Family Life - Who in your family needs your individual and undivided attention?
Love Life - What areas of your relationship with your spouse, fiance, etc, need super-focused attention?
Spiritual Life - How is your individual relationship with the Creator of the Universe?
Freindship Life - Who outside your family do you need to reconnect with? Disconnect with?
Work Life - How is your relationship to your job or profession? Are you maximizing your effectiveness?
Financial Life - What is it about your money that is keeping you up at night?
Physical/Mental Life - Are there things you could be doing for your mind and body that you have buried?
BONUS - New Weight Management tool helps you easily track this Physical Life goal!