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Almost every motivational speaker, business author, and coach suggests setting goals!
In 1997, after reading volumes on success in every area of life, I noticed that everyone was encouraging me to set goals and follow through on them. However, NO ONE was saying HOW to follow through on goal setting. So, in 1998, I designed a tool that would allow me to set goals and track my progress. It was a piece of paper that allowed me to track my progress for a 3 month period in all seven major areas of life. After erasing mistakes, and trying to tabulate by hand, I put everything on a spreadsheet. That worked great, for a while.

The QC goes ONLINE!
In 2003, I decided that I wanted easier access for my accountability partner to see how I was doing with my goals progress. I bit the bullet and paid a software development company thousands of dollars to put a system online that would allow access to my goals from anywhere, let my accountability partner view them, but still be private and password protected. The Quarterly Compass was born, and has been going strong ever since. Take a look around the website, click on the videos, and consider becoming a member.
Patrick Wilkinson, Chairman, The Quarterly Compass®